Poreyahat Block Sohrai

District Profile Name of the District Godda Geographical Position North Latitude Between 240 47’ to 250 23’ East Longitude Between 870 08’ to 870 48’ Total Geographical Area 211040 ha District Headquarters Name Godda Demographic DetailsRef A D43B04E0B84041A5B958E32A22474F3E Ref B BER30EDGE0213 Ref C 2022 05 13T11 23 26ZGoogle Map of Jharkhand showing all villages in Jharkhand , major roads, local train route, hotels, hospitals, schools, colleges, religious places and important landmarksMural for the Sohrai festival made by a female artist on the mud wall of a house in Hazaribagh district, Jharkhand Photo Credits Radhika Borde In rural Jharkhand it is not uncommon to see painted mud houses belonging to several of the state‟s tribes Rani and Sharma, 2019 Traditionally, these would be created by the women of the household1 Sohrai Khover Paintings The Sohrai Khovar paintings in Jharkand, joined the geographical indication tag 2020 recent list in India The Sohrai Khovar painting is a traditional and ritualistic mural art being practised by local tribal women during local harvest and marriage seasons using local, naturally available soils of different colours in
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